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You can contact the Safeguarding Team for help and support if you are concerned for your own or someone else’s safety, physical or mental health, or are experiencing any form of abuse or ill-treatment inside or outside of College.

Meet your Safeguarding Team

Name Role Contact number
Owen Rogers Safeguarding Coordinator 0151 353 4558
Pam Cotter Care Team Leader 0151 353 4444 ext 5883
Janine Hopewell Health and Wellbeing Coordinator 0151 353 4462
Kelly Parry Retention & Progression Coordinator 0151 353 4640
Julia Fisher Retention & Progression Coordinator 0151 353 4498
Linda Marsh Retention & Progression Coordinator  0151 353 4466
Jenny Quinn Learning Support Manager 0151 353 4444 ext 5850
Matt Wilson SENCO/DSA Coordinator 0151 353 4444 ext 5920
Julie Bass Progress Coach 0151 353 4444 ext 5563

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