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Where are they now?

Tony Lavender

Where are they now? Foundation Degree in Digital Imaging & Photography.

Before starting on the Foundation Degree in Digital Imaging and Photography, Tony worked in commercial web design, wedding and event photography.

“It was initially the location that attracted me to the Hugh Baird University Centre but my final decision to enrol was made after meeting with the tutor. Studying here is different to other universities. Support and feedback is ongoing if you need it to be. It allows you to develop your own learning style. The trips we go on are a real surprise, as is the bursary for undergraduates. Combining the two really allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the course without financial worry. For me, I made the right choice at the right time and in some respects I was very lucky. I really wish more people were aware of the options open to them, particularly in the current climate.”

“My advice to anyone thinking of studying at Hugh Baird University Centre is to speak with the tutors who run the course you’re interested in. Education is not what it used to be and certainly not what I expected it to be.”

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