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Rock the Ribbon this World AIDS Day – 1st December

Posted 5th August 2019.


We are winning the fight against HIV, but we are losing the fight against ignorance.

HIV diagnoses are falling in the UK, meaning the spread of the virus is slowing down. We cannot be complacent; we must continue to build on this progress, to end new transmissions for good.

But our fight is not just about the virus. There are still 101,600 people living with HIV in the UK, there is no cure, and people still face ignorance and discrimination that can limit their opportunities, preventing them from living full and happy lives. HIV means you are more likely to live in poverty, and more likely to have poor mental health.

Although the epidemic is slowing in the UK, nearly half of people who test positive are finding out they have HIV very late, meaning the virus may have damaged their health permanently.

Will you join us in the fight this World AIDS Day? Will you stand with us in our mission to stamp out HIV and HIV-related stigma and discrimination? Of course you will!

There’s one simple thing you can do to show your support:


Rocking a red ribbon not only completes any outfit; it shows everyone – especially people living with HIV and their families – your support.

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