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Mental health

Posted 14th February 2018.

Mental health affects a lot of students and their families. The definition of mental health is a ‘person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.’ You may be experiencing difficulties like this this can and it may be impacting on your ability to concentrate and focus in your lessons.  Hugh Baird College Student Services offers a student counselling service to support you if you are struggling with any issues, not just mental health issues. It’s important to remember that mental health issues come in many different forms, all of the issues listed below are categorised as mental health and wellbeing:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Loneliness

Don’t think that you are silly or wrong to be worried about your stress levels, something which may seem trivial or manageable can quickly escalate into a more serious problem. Come and ask for help and support in Pod.

There are many organisations which offer support to those struggling with their mental health. Once such organisation is Mind, take a look at this short video to see what support the charity can offer you

If you are interesting in finding out more information about Mind follow the link below to their web page.

If you feel that you may be struggling Mind also have an info line which you can call for advice on

  • types of mental health problems
  • where to get help
  • medication and alternative treatments
  • advocacy.

Call 0300 123 3393 or text 86463

Did you know that if you are struggling with your mental health and wellbeing there is a dedicated service called Community and Adolescent mental Health Service (CAMHS) that can help you.  Alder Hey CAMHS offers specialist services to support children and young people in Liverpool and Sefton, up to the age of 18, who are experiencing mental health difficulties. We also provide support to their families or carers. This video gives you an overview of what support can be offered by CAMHS, it has been made by made by young people who have used the service.

If you feel that you would benefit from a referral to CAMHS you have a couple of options, you can visit your GP or come to Pod to speak to Student Services, we can refer you directly. It is important to remember that you do need your parent’s consent for a CAMHS referral, this may worry you a little bit but we ca support you to have this conversation with parents. If parent consent isn’t an option for you the Young Peoples Advisory Service (YPAS) can support you without parental involvement. YPAS offer counselling and psychotherapy services and long with general support.

You may be reading this unsure about whether your problem is serious enough to warrant support. The answer is YES it is. If you are struggling, or you don’t feel yourself it’s always ‘important enough’ to the staff in Student Services. Come and speak to someone, we have onsite counsellors who can help and support you if you don’t want to go to any of the organisations listed here. Some issues such as stress or anxiety can often be misinterpreted as worrying or overreacting. It important to remember that you aren’t overreacting, if something is causing you to feel bad then you need to ask for help and support.  This video unravels some of the secrets people who live with anxiety face on a day to day basis.

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