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A message to anyone grieving

Posted 2nd August 2019.


“We all grieve differently.” That’s the message our Activists want to give to any young person who has experienced a bereavement or loss in their life. There’s no right or wrong way to grieve, and your feelings are valid.
If you, or a young person you know is finding it hard to cope with grief, we’ve gathered stories, experiences and advice on where to get support. Together with our Activists, we want others to know, you are not alone.”

What is grief?

It can be extremely difficult when you lose someone you knew. Whether you’ve lost a family member, a friend or a pet, you may feel a whole range of emotions. Grief is an emotional response to this loss, and is a process rather than an event. It may affect how you feel physically, mentally and socially.

You might be grieving because of:

  • The death of a family member, like a parent, grandparent or sibling
  • The death of a friend, or someone you knew at school
  • The death of someone by suicide
  • A change in a relationship
  • An illness of someone close to you, like cancer or dementia
  • The loss of a relationship, like someone moving away or no longer being in your life regularly
  • The loss or death of a pet animal

Whoever you have lost, you need time and space to grieve and come to terms with their death.

We all grieve differently.

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve. You might feel angry, sad or depressed, or even guilt or relief. You might be numb and not feel anything. The way you grieve might be influenced by your culture, beliefs, or how your family and community understand loss. How you react might be different to how other people around you react. You might not feel anything for a while, and may experience delayed grief. There might be some occasions when you are expecting it, like when you experience one of many ‘firsts’, such as your first Christmas without that person. Or these feelings might catch you unaware sometimes. Grief can come up at any time.

Shared experiences of grief:

Visit their Grief and Loss Guide

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