Hugh Baird College

What we expect from you

To promote a culture of positive behaviours, students are expected to demonstrate: Respect, Responsibility and Readiness to Learn.


  • for knowledge and learning
  • for yourself, towards staff and other students
  • for the opinions, feelings and abilities of other students and staff
  • for the diversity of students
  • for the College and its property and facilities
  • by discouraging bullying or harassment of others


  • make a positive contribution in class, in the workplace and on other College activities
  • show commitment to learning and display a “Will Do” attitude
  • hand work in on time
  • attend all classes, including, where appropriate, English, maths and other lessons or activities that enhance employability or personal effectiveness
  • work with the Progress Coach/Student Engagement Officer to improve performance
  • take the initiative to improve or maintain the College and its grounds, by for example, disposing of your litter in the bins provided or reporting spillages
  • take the lead in College work, projects, tutorials etc. and encourage others to join in

Readiness to Learn

  • be prepared for learning and bring in the correct course work and equipment
  • be on time (every time) and motivated to learn
  • take part in College groups and enrichment activities
  • act as an ‘Ambassador’ for the College
  • engage with volunteering, charity work and work experience opportunities
  • be proactive during individual tutorials in discussing ability, progress and setting realistic but challenging individual targets
  • manage time well to meet deadlines, appointments and targets
  • respond positively to feedback on how to improve the quality of work or behaviour
  • take responsibility for yourself and make the most of opportunities to improve English and maths skills, to make yourself ‘work-ready’

Complaints, Compliments or Suggestions

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