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Disrespect Nobody

The Disrespect Nobody campaign is currently live until to the beginning of May 2018. However, the messages about abusive relationships should be remembered far after the campaign ends.

The aim of the campaign is to prevent young people from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships.

Key messages


  • Understand the meaning of sexual consent, which is mutual agreement without pressure
  • Understand and act on signs of non-consent which include non-verbal signs such as body language
  • Check your partner has consented to sex every time, just because they have agreed once, it doesn’t mean they will again
  • Sex without consent is rape. Rape is a crime
  • Sexting (explicit image sent from a phone or via email)
  • It’s never OK to pressure someone to send a sext
  • No one should make you feel like you have to send a sext
  • You can’t control who sees or shares a sext, once it’s been sent.
  • Protect yourself online, don’t share sexts with people you have only met online, they may not be who they claim

Personal boundaries

  • Consent is about more than just sex; it’s about knowing what the other person is happy with and respecting that
  • Groping or touching someone in a sexual way when they don’t want you to is sexual harassment. Is it not acceptable
  • Making sexual comments about someone or touching them in a sexual way when they don’t want you to is sexual harassment. Is it not acceptable
  • It’s never OK to make sexual comments about someone or call them names in way that makes them feel uncomfortable
  • Making someone feel uncomfortable with sexual remarks about their clothes or appearance is not OK

Support the campaign and share these important messages by tweeting #disrespectnobody

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