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Study Rooms

If you would like to access your online lessons in a different environment than at home, or if you have an online lesson timetabled adjacent to an on-campus lesson, these study rooms are ideal for you to use.

Each Study Room has computers available for you to use.

Below is a weekly schedule of the rooms available to you during term-time:

Balliol building
Day Time Room
Tuesday 13:30 B112
Tuesday 17:00 B112
Thursday 9:00 B009
Thursday 12:00 B009
Thursday 12:30 B303C
Thursday 17:00 B303C
Friday 9:00 B009
Friday 9:00 B112
Friday 9:00 B303B
Friday 11:30 B303B
Friday 12:30 B009
Friday 12:30 B311
Friday 15:00 B112
Friday 17:00 B311
Port Academy Liverpool building
Day Time Room
Monday 9:00 A105
Monday 11:00 W102
Monday 12:00 A105
Monday 12:30 A107
Monday 15:00 A103
Monday 17:00 A103
Monday 17:00 A107
Monday 17:00 W102
Tuesday 15:00 A103
Tuesday 17:00 A103
Wednesday 9:00 T101
Wednesday 13:30 T101
Wednesday 14:00 A104
Wednesday 17:00 A104
Friday 9:00 A103
Friday 11:00 A103
Friday 12:30 A107
Friday 14:00 A102
Friday 16:00 A102
Friday 17:00 A107
Lifetyle Fitness building
Day Time Room
Monday 12:30 S108
Monday 17:00 S108
Thursday 12:30 S108
Thursday 17:00 S108
Friday 14:00 S105
Friday 17:00 S105
Room rules
  • The number of students allowed in the room is stated on the door. Do not exceed this number
  • With the sanitising wipes provided, wipe your keyboard, mouse and area before and after you use it
  • Work quietly and respect your fellow peers
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